The Monthly B*tch

Oh yes, PMS is a b*. . h!!

This morning was rough. Sprung up outta bed (fast enough – 9.30am, I’m improving!!) for breakfast outside today. But almost did not make it home safe. Staggered home, I did.

Nearly fainted, cold sweats, could not walk upright, dizziness, nausea. What!!? Yes. Thank God I had to good sense not to try walking home for the toilet. I detoured and floated (because I was uber dizzy) as swiftly as I could to the mall toilet and almost passed out from the bowel/uterine contractions and nausea. That was a heck load of ‘toothpaste’ squeezed!

Made it home and had a semi-round-two. Not that I had anymore left, but the contractions and cramps just made me sick. I felt momentarily worried that I may be suffering from Endometriosis. Ugh, no please no. This site helped calm me down that my symptoms aren’t too bizarro. On the other hand, I called the doc for an appointment in 2 hours just to be safe.

Also, here are FIVE things to note to help me:

  1. EXERCISE – it regulates endorphins & seratonins
  2. R & R – get enough sleep / rest / relax
  5. TAKE VITS + SUPPLEMENTS – calcium w/ Vit D & magnesium, folic acid, Vit B6, Vit E, Evening Primrose Oil. 

I lolled about in bed for a while after trying to recover from all that anxiety & muscle-action. Finally hurled my butt up to sit here.

And try to start again… with the research work & paper formatting (for LC). I cannot procrastinate any longer even with this unease. The deadline is tonight. LORD, help me feel better, or at least ignore this pain.



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