On eating alone: solitude vs. loneliness

An observation while having lunch in school alone today: I will not feel badly about these occasions anymore. These moments can be occasions of grace too. How?

When I am eating alone, with a book, I feel comforted and cocooned within a world I have chosen. Look, here’s my company – my book! I am saying, this is the space in which I have found a retreat.

When I am eating alone, and I am reading from my phone and checking Facebook status updates or Newsfeeds, I sense myself wishing to be some place else, but stuck here. Look, I don’t really know what to do by my self. I am saying, connect me to something other than my here and now. The virtual space is infinite, and yet indefinite.

When I am eating alone, and staring at the trees (or a bird), I feel right in the present. Look, there is the tree and the birds – and I am right here with them too. I am saying, there is no other place I would rather be. My eyes are open for opportunities and possibilities in the world around me – now.

This realisation was very uplifting. It quietly replaced my loneliness with a contented solitude. 🙂


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